(Middle) East meets West(ern) – Boho Dreams

Boho fashion is a trend that has come and gone in recent years but here we are in 2015 and the trend looks like it’s going to stick around for a while. This, I am fine with – better than fine.
I think the reason bohemian trends have come back strong in the recent year, is because the trend isn’t just sticking in fashion magazines and your wardrobe; women all over the world are taking that trend and letting it become a part of their lifestyle. Boho is now seen in home decor, garden design and most importantly – weddings!


So what springs to mind when we say “Boho”? Like any theme, it draws different visions and associations for different people. So this is definitely my interpretation…

For me, boho is all about drawing out that gypsy spirit and festival vibe. Letting the relaxed, and calming nature of this theme help inspire you to feel brave enough to mix clashing colours and paisley patterns. The decor for me would be influenced by turkish motifs, navajo prints and muted jewel tones, scattered cushions over Persian rugs, golden anklets and bare feet. A bride dressed like a woodland princess carrying wild flowers knotted together with parcel string.



The highlight and excitement of all this theme for me is definitely the eclectic cocktail of cultures that can be used to any extent. I talk about Middle eastern decor but I combine it in my mind with a cowgirl who has found home with an red Indian tribe. Rustic layered laces, tarnished jewelry, and loose beach waves all tied to ethereal roots and hippy influence.

Below, I’ve listed my favourite dresses that would suit this theme perfectly for the upcoming seasons!

1. Claire Pettibone – Seville

This dress is from her Gothic Angel collection. Described as floor length gown mixing ecru clunly lace with floral lace insets. Notice also the rows of gold giupure dangles. We love the wonderful blend of textures and unique laces she’s used!

2. Johanna Johnson – The Temple

This breathtaking dress manages to combine a little fun with traditional. Silk chiffon drapes the short lining that’s visible underneath. The gold detailing sits beautifully on the capped sleeves, which in themselves provide a nice balance of coverage – juxtaposing the slightly exposed leg at the bottom of the dress.

3. Oscar De La Renta – Look 8


This beauty is from the Bridal 2016 Collection – and it’s not hard to see why I chose this dress to be featured. Scalloped lace tiered in layers helps create a wonderful volume to this trumpet gown.

All the above designers are available within the UK. However we’re still inspired by designers overseas:

1. Grace Loves Lace (Australia)

Instagram: @graceloveslace

2. Dreamers & Lovers (USA)

Instagram: @the_dreamers_lovers

What about hair accessories?

For me, the boho style is so interchangeable you can create any look you want. It’s very much a personality thing – so go with what you feel comfortable in. Comfort really does have to be the priority! (WARNING: You will get sick of hearing me say that throughout this blog!)

To still hold on to a bridal fairytale feeling I would definitely suggest flowers in the hair, I’m a sucker for this look – whether it’s a small flower clipped somewhere neatly or a statement flower crown … This adds a whimsical romance to the look whilst still reflecting that festival hippy theme.



Team these statement headpieces with a natural make up look – especially if using bright wild flowers!

For an alternative look, potentially a little more Grecian looking (There we go, I’ve added Greece into the mix too!) chose some underrated statement jewelry (does that make sense?). I’m thinking thin gold bangles or delicate neck chains…

Add a pop of red lipstick
Or do both!


In short, my interpretation of a boho theme is an outdoor setting decorated with middle eastern influence for a gypsy cowgirl bride wearing a colourful flower crown, marrying her barefooted groom at dusk under a glowing willow tree of fairy lights at the end of an aisle made up of Persian rugs. Simple enough… right?

Share your boho ideas and inspiration below. We’d love to hear them!

Poppy x

Please note – the above photos were sourced from Pinterest and Instagram.

I’m engaged! … Now what?


The beauty of planning a wedding is not only that you get to celebrate one big important day together, celebrating the love you have built and the future you are about to venture into as a married couple – there’s also beauty in the planning.

The engagement is the part that ought to be celebrated too – whether the engagement lasts for 6 months or for 6 years. During this time, you get to celebrate the promise you have made to each other and come to terms with the fact you’ve found your one and only – all whilst planning the special day.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it can also be extremely exciting. This is where the wedding begins, you share your ideas and dreams of this day with each other. It tests you both emotionally, romantically – lets not forget financially!

In 2015 planning a wedding can be rewarding and also challenging. The aspect of having so many platforms to draw information from can be useful, but it can also get confusing. There is such a thing as “overexposure” – there are so many websites, blogs, magazines, forums, media platforms – that anyone planning a wedding can start to feel almost overwhelmed.

At the start of your planning, after the hype and celebration of the proposal has started to simmer slightly – you can start focussing your minds as to what it is you want from your day. This means prioritising what you want most.

Priorities vary from person to person; some may want the wedding to have a specific venue as the feature, others may opt for an all important theme. The fact of the matter is, choosing your priorities first – will help make decision making in the long term much easier.
First thing’s first – create a list (or lists – if you’re anything like me!):

  • Theme
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Wedding Date
  • Ceremony Venue
  • Reception Venue
  • Guest Lists

As I mentioned before, everyone who is engaged  has a different idea of what is important to them in regard to the wedding. The list above might apply to some but not all. This is only a generic example of what most people need to sort first.

The categories in the list above are more umbrella terms – because underneath each word is a whole truck load more of decisions to make. For example:
Theme: modern vs. vintage, romantic vs. minimalistic, classic vs. contemporary
Location: country vs. city, abroad vs. closer to home
Ceremony Venue: religious vs. non religious, traditional church vs. modern hotel?

This is why setting out a list is so important, it helps clarify things on paper so we can avoid the risk of overwhelming ourselves with the decision making that will follow later on.

I have met many brides (some now wives) over the years and everyone reminisces differently over their wedding planning experiences. some want to do it all over again (this usually the making of a wedding planner), others would rather leave all the responsibility to someone else (this is where the hiring of a wedding planner comes in), others made the most of enjoying their engagements whilst sharing the responsibility of their decisions with their other half.

I do believe that a big part of how enjoyable the wedding planning experience is, depends a lot on the mind-set of the couple entering into it. Stay calm and on the same page throughout – and you’ll be surprised at how much you might enjoy the wedding planning experience with your partner!

Happy planning!

Love ,
Poppy x

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